Idle Heroes Guide

Idle Heroes is a fascinating MMORPG, in which you can play for free. Available for mobile devices on Android and iOS. Provides the ability to upgrade and equip their heroes to battle other players on the planet.

Along with Rush DungeonCastle Defense 2 and Siege RaidIdle Heroes — the brainchild of a talented team of developers Droidhang, they’re DH Games. This online multiplayer game was released in 2016. The first had a chance to review it owners of mobile devices based on Android, users of iOS — a few months later.

The specifics of the gameplay

Well, Idle Heroes quite justifies it. Despite the fact that the genre is stated as a MMORPG, the gameplay is more like a clicker. The player has required only the correct alignment of the characters before the fight (in the front row of warriors, and “those who do not mind”, in the back row archers and mages) and raise their level. The battles themselves occur without the direct involvement of the player.

How to start the game

The main plus of the game — the ability to play for free. You just need to have an account in iTunes or Google Play Market have access to the download. Idle Heroes download can and from third-party sites, but full health, in this case, is not guaranteed. After you register and login to the gaze of the player open the main screen from which you can get in different zones. In the initial stages of this Campaign, the Altar, the Circle of Creation, the Circle, the Forge and the Black market. With increasing level due to the accumulation of experience in battle become available and other places that you can visit. So, from the fourteenth level, you can win in-game currency, valuable items and resources in the Casino (similar to the traditional game of “Wheel of Fortune”), and from the eighteenth — to participate in PvP battles in the Arena.


To heroes in Heroes Idle in various ways: to urge with the help of scrolls in a Circle; to synthesize in the Circle of Creation; to assemble, like a puzzle, fragments of. The number of stars each character determines its “coolness” and a number of skills. “One-star” heroes possess only one active skill and generally not very effective in combat. The owners of from two to five stars and endowed with active and passive abilities, it makes sense to spend time and resources on their pumping.

Also important is a variety of equipment of heroes: weapons, armor, shoes, and accessories. You can get them several ways: to make in the Smithy, to buy gold or gems on the Black market, literally to collect the corpses during the passage of the Campaign. From the color and number of stars depends on what bonus that it gives different parameters (attack, health, etc.).

To gain combat experience and collect many useful things in the course of the idle heroes campaign guide, which starts in the Woods Sarah. Properly forming a group and paying attention to the development of his characters, the player can reach to the Heaven and Hell (Land of Heat and High Heaven, respectively). The opportunity to prove themselves in battles with real people appears when you open access Arena (level 18).

Despite the fact that Idle Heroes, like most modern mobile games, free, in fact it is shareware.

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