Dragon Eternity Online HD Review

Dragon Eternity Online HD is a fantasy MMORPG from Game Insight, featuring stunning visuals, situational soundtrack, a gripping storyline, and a wealth of quests, but inadequate tutorial for newbies and unfriendly UI together with somewhat repetitive combating scenarios are likely to push a lot off.

Pros: stunning visuals; situational soundtrack; interesting gameplay; a huge amount of quests
Cons: unfriendly UI; inadequate tutorial for newbies; repetitive combats

By merely looking at the title of the game, you are easily led to imagine that you are to be immersed in a world where you have a lot to do with dragons, some of them befriending and obeying you while others attacking and assaulting you. Sadly, that is not the truth. You don’t have the chance to have a fleeting peek of them until you are far into the game, let alone mount one of them to sweep across a challenging battlefield. However, taking an offbeat course, the game has some unexpected features of its own to draw us deeper into it.

The game’s compelling story is really a powerful bait. The magical, mythical, beautiful and hazardous land of Adan serves is the world of this game. Two great empires with standing feud bisect the largest continent of Adan–Tartu. Yet they are now forced to get united in the face of an extremely powerful evil force–the Dark Gods of Shaab and their dreadful armies. Grotesque monsters of multitudinous types and nightmarish anthropoid Shaab minions are spawning destruction and chaos on this peaceful land. You join this game as a righteous warrior with strength, magic and mettle to restore peace and hope to this festered land.

However, you cannot gather every twist of the story in one sitting, as the story unfolds with each and every quest. You choose your fraction at the very beginning of the game, Sadar and Vaalor. And later on, the weapons, amours and jewelry you choose decide the class you are in. You will be either a Berserk, Pladin or a Witcher, each class with distinctive abilities. Shortage of quests and missions is what you never need to worry about in this game. For the quest mode alone, you are offered four choices, namely Narrative Quests, which acquaint you with the storyline step by step, Normal Quests, which send you off to ordinary adventures, Recurring Quests that are available after level 5 and awards you with Reputation, and Heroic Quests that are closely tied to weighty events happening on the land of Tartu. These quests vary in difficulty and come along with different awards. They may range from asking you to deliver a letter to facing off powerful monsters. Almost every quest delivers to you a decent sense of action, though scarce attacking and defending choices greatly lessen the thrill. The completion of each quest wins you some experience points, which accumulate and are shown by the progress bar on the upper left corner right beside your avatar. When the bar is full, you level up, with new items, weapons, and powerups unlocked for you. But to actually make them work for you, you need to spend Golds and Reals, which are in-game currencies. When you are fed up with seemingly repetitive and lack-challenge quests, you may go to the battlegrounds and instances to give your battling mettle a show. With your leveling up, up to 5 battlegrounds, including Arena of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, Tournament of Honor etc, and 2 instances, namely Skrag Caves and Razed Fort will be made available to you. Valor, Experience, Collections and Reputations are all there for the daring heart to gather. You may also join a clan, and participate in massive wars. Magic, spells, potions potent weapons and powerful equipments are all elements you need to delve into and develop before you can be an invincible warrior.

Even a warrior may get tired of fighting sometimes. In that case, the game offers some other alternatives to entertain gamers. You may go to the auction house to sell or buy in armors, weapons, Consumerbles, Resources and more. Or you may also go to experience different professions to gather resources or to craft items. These choices make nice entertainments when the all too multifarious quests begin to lose their appeal.

Of course, there are dragons you definitely want to know. The bad news is you can not get access to them until you reach level 16, but the flip side is once you get a dragon, you have multitudinous ways of customization for it. Or course, they sink your pocket quickly, but they can turn out to be very powerful. The same case applies to your mount. You need to unlock it, buy it, purchase a scroll of summoning so on and so forth. All these customization and progression are incredibly fun, but they are expensive at the same time.

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