Dinky Dragon Review

Dinky Dragon is an endless running game starring a small red fire-breathing dragon which jumps over trunks and fallen statues, rolls under thorny branches and all kinds of gates, and claims as many gems as possible before it hits on structures that it fails to avoid on the way.

Although the running doesn’t take place on railway and trains, wonderland or rooftops, the game falls conveniently and comfortably into the genre where Subway Surf, Temple Run, and all the now mushrooming parkour titles on mobile devices, could be found. It is the same over-the-shoulder view towards the character as well as the narrow path that allows players to run on the left, on the right or in the middle. The character, as in most previous games, runs automatically while players slide up and down, right and left to move the character across more claimable items and avoid obstacles.

While the basic gameplay remains roughly the same, there is something unique about the game: the dragon, which not only runs, rolls and jumps in a very adorable way, but also performs actions unseen in games of this genre. For one thing, it could breathe fire and burn the thorns and cobwebs, and use power-ups to avoid blockades automatically for a while. For another thing, no one is chasing at the dragon’s heels or ready to catch it whenever it gets blocked. The dinky dragon loses heart every time it hits something and three hits would leave it dizzy and unable to continue. In that case, players would have to start it all over.

Forget about the omnipresent gold coins prevailing the parkour gaming. The dragon collects gems of various sizes and colors only. With those gems, players could purchase power-ups, outfits and accessories, run across the path in the forest and the cave more conveniently and safely, and deck up the dragon as a clown or a pirate.

Controls in Dinky Dragon can be very responsive and fluid. In fact, they are so responsive that in many cases, the dragon changes its track instead of jumping or rolling as you want it to and that in a fast-paced runner could be more than problematic – unintentionally suicidal might be the right words to describe that situation.

Free from dangers, and starring a cute dragon, Dinky Dragon is a kid-friendly runner that injects more fun, instead of risks and thrills, into the parkour gaming.

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